Merckwaerdigh (NL) - etsy (Dez. 2014)

PBH30 - for PUSH-UP Bra, Bustier, Body

BHST2 - mit Bügel

BHS10 - Lingerie pattern from Dutch design Merckwaerdigh with a lovely mix of 5 different bras.

BHS10 - This pattern includes a soft bra which can also be used as a bikini top, a luxury sport bra, a laced softbra, an all lace underwired bra and a smooth padded bra.
30A / 42A (US 30AA / 42AA - EU 65A / 95A)
28B / 40B (US 28A / 40A - EU 60B / 90B)
28C / 38C (US 28B / 38B - EU 60C / 85C)
28D / 36D.(US 28C / 80C - EU 60D / 80D)